Connecting to the Light Within: A Journey of Faith

When asked what this book is about, the easy answer was always, "A story of self-reflection." The reality is, this story extends beyond my view in hopes of inspiring others to begin Connecting to the Light Within.

I am a psychic medium, yet my ability to connect to the spirit, angelic, and universal realms serves only to facilitate the message given in this book. The story told is an illustration of the common struggle to live one's own truth when faced with the expectations of others, highlighting the possibility of healing that comes when allowing the light to lead.

The story describes my journey of self-acceptance (an unexpected journey of faith). The guidance given is from beyond me, to spark a change in your self-perception as it relates to the light within (connecting all things) and to emphasize your impact on humanity. Weaving a story of hope, a story of faith, a story of truth beyond our understanding. In other words, a story of God.

Struggling to meet the expectations of others hinders the ability to see our light, leaving us stumbling in the darkness, unable to find "me". Good news""where there is expectation, there is also acceptance; where there is darkness there is always light. All lies within.

--Mary Elizabeth