Conviction to Correction: Behind the Walls

I started out as an innocent bystander, and I ended up suffering to the Bureau of Prison system. Because of Wesley’s prolonged disobedience to the law, I’ve allowed myself to become a victim for accepting child support without the use of the court of law. With courage and faith in God, I filed an appeal with the help of my mom, Pokey, Shay, Cynt, and Tonio purchasing me a private attorney; but I still lost. My wrongful conviction gave me insight as how to deal with unfair circumstances in my life.After being taken from my family and friends, I now realized God had another plan and purpose for my life, one that did not involve a drug dealer taking care of me or retiring from Mercedes Benz, but going back to school to practice law to help the next person. I did not use my incarceration as an excuse for continued failure. Instead, I now live my life trusting in God, and more determined to do his will. Because of my faith and courage in God alone, he did not only deliver me from this difficult circumstance, he is also using me by telling my story so that other young ladies will not fall victim to the prison system by becoming involved with a baby daddy, boyfriend, or husband who’s a drug dealer.With the knowledge and wisdom I have learned, I want to help prove God’s existence and power to others as well. We need people in our justice system who will create wise solutions toward the various problems of our justice system and in our community such as more schools, rehabs, and just simple counseling, to transform and redirect our minds. I can never sit back and accept whatever has been handed down to me again. I will put up a fight so that the human race can start being treated more justly.

--Takasha L. Stevenson