Courage: The Master Key to Your Success!

Courage is the master key---the power to your success in life. It's the means through which great people win---succeed. It's the ability that turns on your talents and spiritual gifts. It propels them into action---to work and bear their intended fruits for you, to affect the lives of others and, finally, to glorify your Maker.

In the evil dark world, the principle of courage remains and works the same. What an awesome and privileged place to be, Heaven! In the presence of the fearful and Almighty God! Yet, the devil---a privileged angel---was undeterred. He mustered courage and insurrected against God, he sinned and fell.

How do the terrorists, serial killers, thieves, drug dealers, rapists, the prostitutes and the pedophiles succeed? Don't they all use extreme courage to perform---unleash the evil that they do? And isn't it also with courage that good people live godly lives to defy evil for peace and tranquility to prevail on earth?

Why believe in the negative rather than the positive? Why believe in failure instead of success? Why believe in ‘I cannot' rather than ‘I can'? Why believe in the impossible rather than the possible? And why create a mentally hopeless world full of perpetual fears, failures, worries, and anxieties toward those who might hunt and hurt you? Is it not courage that you need to defeat these enemies of life that frustrate your progress, success, and victory in life?

In this earthly life, you need courage to succeed. But you alone have the master key---control over your abilities, talents and spiritual gifts. Time and tide wait for no man! You can do terrific things with your life! "For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline" (2Tm.1:7).

---Rev. Kwame Ankoma-Amoa---

--Rev. Kwame Ankoma-Amoa