Cow Trail

The minute Jason saw the new boy at school, he knew he was a kindred kicker. He was long and lanky, and Jason knew it was as hard for him to find Wranglers to fit as it was for Jason. He made his way to him, stuck out his hand, and said, “Hi, I’m Jason Kelly.”

The new boy took Jason’s hand with a firm grip and said, “Steve Vickers, I’m glad to meet you.”

That was the beginning of a friendship filled with adventures, fun, and sometimes sadness. Jason was elated when Steve shared the news that his parents had leased some acreage complete with a windmill and an old ranch house.

“We’ll be moving our cattle in soon, and I’ll be taking care of them for the summer. Would you like to help me?”

Things were going well until the boys realized someone or something was stealing their food. Every effort was made to catch the thief but to no avail until one day they found a young Mexican American boy sleeping in the feed house.

“No send back,” the boy pleaded. “I American. I help people, God tell me.”

Cow Trail is not only the story of teenage boys as they experience trails and victories of a ranching life but also how God can take a tragedy and turn it into something good.

--Colleen "Keke" Black

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