Cute-Nose Now: The Story of Brenda

The Story of Brenda is about a pre-adolescent girl named Brenda who has a great imagination, but craves attention at home and school. It lends comfort, acceptance and maybe just a touch of humor to those who maybe feel that they are in a situation similar to what Brenda feels. In essence; although they aren’t the coolest kids with seemingly everything going for them, including socially, and perhaps they may feel a bit deprived of attention at home save for perhaps an occasional friend, a loving pet, or an imaginary friend, that they are valued and will persevere. Mainly speaking, that they are not alone. This book will let the reader know that imagination and sometimes silliness are fine, and friendships are valued. Most importantly, those in a like-minded situation are perfectly normal, and happy. In fact, they are a lot more normal and intelligent, forgiving, and loving than those who seem to “have it all”.

--A. Joseph Claycomb