Daddy's Special Little Girl

"Is it possible to describe the confusion and shame I felt every time daddy came to my bedroom and used me to fulfill his sexual perversion? Is it possible to describe the fear that consumed me when I thought I was pregnant with my dad's baby?" Daddy's Special Little Girl is a heart-on-your-sleeve memoir about growing up in an abusive home with five siblings, an alcoholic father, and a courageous mother--about desperate attempts to cope with unbearable pain, about surviving the betrayal and devastation of incest and the rejection of divorce, about God's forgiveness and healing. The author bares her soul as she takes you on an inconceivable journey that includes graphic scenes of her abuse, honest exposure of her own sin, paralyzing anguish and sorrow she endures, and raw emotions as she accepts her dad's prison sentence and death. You will weep as you read about the heartbreaking encounters and effects of the hideous crime of incest. You will rejoice as you experience the forgiveness, love, and support this family had for their dad and each other.In Daddy's Special Little Girl, Jody reveals the lingering devastation of a family crime no one wants to talk about. Her transparency is disarming, her case compelling, and her focus on healing. For the thousands who have experienced the pain of incest, the book points the way to help. For those who would like to believe that "these things don't happen in Christian homes," Daddy's Special Little Girl will explode the myth.--Gary D. Chapman, Ph.DAuthor of The Five Love Languages

--Jody Lynn Enders

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