Deep Wisdom Is Golden: Critical Wisdom Is a Demonstration of Effective Living

The quality you give in everything is a demonstration of your deep wisdom and fundamental social values which translate you love and respect towards people. The dimension of your practical culture of wisdom is a relationship that points to your internal and external level of deep wisdom and reflects the effectiveness of how you live in pursuit of purpose and dreams regardless of any condition:

1. Your heart is seen through what you give or do.

2. If you are not thinking generationally, then you are not actually thinking.

3. If you feel threatened by failure, examine the content of your wisdom in relation to your aspirations.

4. Life is like bricks laying one at a time, if you miss one row, you will surely miss the rest.

5. Families and friends are not your groceries; they are God’s special gift.

6. Ignoring people is the pleasure to escape your primary social responsibility.

7. Every life contained significant questions; deep wisdom is the only criterion for answers.

Practical living is how worthy you utilize your life to realize your purpose. Practicalities are theories translated into performance at the instance of insight. Insight infuses the concept of deep thinking and purpose.

Therefore, practical living is:

Knowledge + Action + Insight

_________________________ = Wisdom



Add K to A and I; divide it by U because no one understands all things fully. The Scripture says we know in part. Again, the Word says he who thinks he knows does not know anything as he ought to know; thus, the above equation gives leverage to pursue purpose.

 Knowledge is getting.

 Action is doing.

 Insight is infusing.

 Understanding is separating.

 Wisdom is constantly applying.

--Pastor MacDonald Apreku