Deevanation: Our Language: Dawn Avery and Her Dancing Deevas

Whispers...“She’s in a world of her own,” “I love to watch her dance,” “She’s so smooth.” What defines ones movement in dance? Does a pointed toe or an elongated reach with a suggested outreached hand provide the perfect sway?

In youth, movement isn’t calculated, it happens. As we develop and learn balance, as we find control and define release, we gain confidence. Music is a compliment which we all innately feel. Now whether you have two right feet, two left, or are equally balanced, line dance is a welcoming event. Steps are repetitive, levels range from beginner to advanced, and the dance floor generally holds enough people to hide all flaws or as we say in the line dance community, “fake it until you make it!”

Deevanation: Our Language is a loving collaboration of words, defined through the inspirational line dance group, Dawn’s Dancin’ Deevas. I met Dawn Avery and Angela Lott Williams in 2011. I came with a background in dance but I never expected to discover such an extensive underground of fun, excitement, socialization, friendship, and personal growth. My walk as a Deeva has escalated my glide across the dance floor to radiating enjoyment. It’s more than a dance. It’s a nation, y’all!

--Sharon R. Williams

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