Delusion: The Elephant on the Table

We are a Bible-believing country. History is repeating itself and reminding us of our mission, for me a mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. My job is not over; neither is my education. I am a child of the change from twentieth century to twenty-first century. Have I educated my children on God's love and will for his children? At seventy-seven, I am of the Josh generation and 2008, the beginning of change to pass the education of the Benjia generation to you and confine the Miletus generation must do. Over the thousand years in front of us, our political system is melting away for Jesus to come back. Before the second coming of Christ can return, there are certain that most he fulfilled. God has always prepared his people for the wars against our sinful nature. We are hung tested. And must be taught about the delusion we are seeing with our eye and hearing with our ears today. Satan is not a man in a red suit with horns and a tail. He is a flesh and human. He is a man of sin.

The time of the millennium age is around the bend. I believe the Benji generation is here.

Jesus began his ministry at age twelve.

Jewish children have their coming of age when they reach thirteen.

We are given forty years as probation.

13 + 40=53

A. Gives the timeline of our testing.

B. It tells us about the world falling away from his protection.

C. It tells us who our leadership was in Judges 3 to 4.

The reward was forty years of peace.

We are living now in this period of testing. And have been tricked by an evil spirit. And did not pass the test of a world of nations who are guilty being drained by an evil spirit. And fail to recognize that God has not been called to lead us out of harm's way.

God is not and will not be forgotten.

There is a rement. And our prayers will be heard. And the promise of Isaiah 19: 1 will be kept. Because we have been beset with Isaiah 19 verse 1 to 25.

For those living in fear I believe the world as a whole is Egypt (Warknus) and we are living in fear of evil spirit. And have parted from God's protection.

For those living in love and hope, we fear not.

This is the time for prayers.

God has heard our cry.

From January 20 til the present, there has not been one week without a flood. He is keeping his word.

Check it out.

--Lucille Odrick