Disciple Beyond Mediocrity

Disciple. Beyond Mediocrity addresses the problem of mediocrity found in many churches that are locked into the status quo. In this book Dr. Byrne portrays the life of a disciple in strict accordance with what the scriptures teach and as an essential element in the renewal of our faith before the Lord returns

At the heart of Dr. Byrne’s examination is the question of mediocrity as it has plagued churches and Christians without number. Dr. Byrne exposes the nature of mediocrity and on that foundation builds his study of a disciple whose life can be beyond mediocrity.

Dr. Byrne explores the seven characteristics of being a disciple based on the Lord’s own words. Denying oneself, taking up his cross, following the Lord, forsaking attachments to all he has, abiding in His word, bearing much fruit, and loving one another.

Central to his study of the life of a disciple are the twin spiritual skills; living by faith and living in the Spirit, with the subject that is central to both; being able to hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches. Dr. Byrne then presents his readers with a step by step instruction on how to live by faith, and includes a memorable parable that reflects his own relationship with the Lord; the Garden of My Heart.

The final part of the book takes a leap into the future with Dr. Byrne exploring four events in the life of a disciple in the end of days: being caught up to meet the Lord in the air and being transformed in a brief moment of time into His immortal image; giving account at the judgment seat; the marriage of the bride of Christ with the Lord; and the return of the Lord to the earth, with His transfigured disciples, to reign with Him for a thousand years. The book concludes with an examination of the destiny of the Lord’s disciples in the New Jerusalem that descends to the earth at the end of time.

There can be no doubt that Dr. Byrne knows what he is writing about. Each chapter bears the distinctive stamp of personal knowledge and experience. This book should be required reading for all Christians, for those who lead churches, and for those who train leaders in colleges and universities round the world.

--Dr. Brian Byrne