Dispensing Truth: Divine Prescriptions to Restore and Maintain Good Health

Would you volunteer for open heart surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation treatments? Would you consider becoming severely depressed? Well don't worry, you won't have to volunteer. Unfortunately, heart disease and cancer are the leading causes of death in the United States. If you live a normal life span, the chances are better than even money that you will experience one of the above conditions. And should you ever need to be in a hospital, will you be adequately insured or will it be a trip to the poor house for you and your family? Even those who don't need to be hospitalized spend millions of dollars daily on prescription drugs, and yes, antidepressants are still listed among the top selling prescription drugs in the country.

If there is a loving God, then why do so many people find themselves in these kinds of situations? Would you prefer not to be in such a situation? If your doctor informed you that by reading just five or ten minutes a day for the next 30 days you could significantly lower your risk of experiencing these types of conditions, would you follow his or her advice? What if your doctor told you that your recovery was far more likely, would you listen then?

Dispensing Truth addresses these issues from a biblical basis but with the unique perspective of one who is not only an ordained minister but a community pharmacist as well. The results reveal some amazing answers. Answers that provide truth, hope, and encouragement to the troubled, to the sick, and to the dying. Discover for yourself a file of divine prescriptions that can restore and maintain good health.

--Dr. Ron Girardin

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