Divine Deception

Christian Camara and Lee Randolph were both successful San Francisco singles whose paths could have crossed while sipping Irish coffee at the Buena Vista Cafe on the wharf, strolling through the Legion of Honor, or riding the Number 61 cable car. But God chose the most unlikely, unromantic setting for their "chance" meeting""St. Luke's Hospital, where both were reluctant visitors.

Their attraction was mutual and immediate and romance inevitable, until their love story was edited by an all-powerful author who chose to introduce into it some devastating twists and one deadly turn.

As a result, Chris was forced to reexamine his life, his faith, and his heritage, which led him down a trail of deceit and into an uncertain future.

Lee's fate was abruptly placed in the hands of her mother, Evelyn, who had no fear of dying but was horrified by the thought of having the lie she had been living for decades be revealed and reviled.

That lie took on new life as Evelyn's ended, and Chris and Lee were forced to embark on a search for truths long kept secret.

This one startling revelation changed forever the lives of a revered priest accused of despicable crimes, a doctor who could cure anything but his own broken heart, a lawyer who sentenced himself to a life without the possibility of love, and a devious real estate developer who defiled and corrupted innocents released from the foster care system, and applauded as the once great city of San Francisco fell from glory, much as ancient Corinth had centuries before.

Witnessing the lies and liars seek and find sanctuary while truth and truth tellers cowered before the thought police, the star-crossed lovers knew that only divine intervention would save them and the city of their birth.

For some there would be no more choices. Only consequences.

--Judith Shoemaker Hill

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