Divine Providence

When asked if I am a Democrat, Republican, or an Independent, my response is that I am a Roman Catholic. I have maintained that the message of the Catholic faith does not always reflect the activities of the messengers. In America, the scripture saying “Seek first the kingdom of God” is playing second best to a secular society dependence upon the power of man to solve problems.

Without the one true God, as presented by the Church, established by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ some two thousand years ago things are headed from bad to worse. The people of secular persuasion know nothing of Satan and his followers.

Evil has been diagnosed as good. A secular government with the use of reason, science and manufactured evidence has done what nonbelievers in the past have done made, “Man the measure of all things.”

The Catholic Church teaches that humanity has a fallen nature and is capable of using reason in way that produces evil results. With the US government as the chief source for determining right from wrong, confusion reigns and violence isn’t far behind. The world is in dire need of help from the God of creation. Governments from all over the world seek an advantage based on corruption and fraud. America has made treaties and agreements with countries out to destroy our way of life.

I believe American was founded as a Christian nation where unity and not diversity ought to be our common bond. God is impartial so people of diverse beliefs who seek common perspectives which stress the dignity of all life from conception until natural death. A woman does not have right that demean life producing inequality between women, men, and children including children in the womb of its mother.

In the United States Constitution, life, liberty, and other benefits are being taken to extremes. The meaning of life is to be protected not brought to finality by devious means. Livery is more than license to do what one pleases. Liberty as understood by our forefathers is more than the pursuit of pleasure, but ought to see truth and goodness which is reflected in the mandates of the Christian faith.

Divine Providence will investigate God’s will where basic tenants of faith blend with nine components that are instrumental in the understanding needed to begin the faith based journey. The Catholic faith’s paramount concern is the salvation of all of humanity. Let us read this text with optimism for a proper outcome.

--H.M. Hyra

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