Down This Road a Piece

If you ever thought the toddler years were hard to handle, just wait until you reach the empty nest years. Follow Vicki Baylis as she embarks on a journey of middle-aged life—the years between pushing the kids out the door and welcoming grandchildren. According to Vicki, this empty nest wonder is full of flaws no one dares to mention. For starters, her house began to resemble a mini storage facility, not only housing all the things she needed to raise the children but now all the stuff they bring back home once they return. That’s right, they keep coming back—a revolving door. What’s happening? The dirty dishes once again fill the sinks, and the laundry is about to take over the house. Not to mention the cardboard boxes piled in every nook and cranny. Her normal daily prayer for God to make them successful is now replaced with frantic pleas for Him to guide her gently with all the necessary steps needed for a Christian-friendly eviction. “Send ’em jobs, Jesus, and hurry before my house caves in with all these boxes.”

Down This Road a Piece is a continuing glance into the life of an ordinary Southern family. Each stage of this journey is riveted with just enough potholes to make them enjoy the occasional freshly paved roads along the way. A family who makes mistakes every day and learns to not only laugh about it but also share the laughter with everyone else.

In addition to the laughs you will find in this witty memoir, you may enjoy her other books: Just a Little Southern, Just a Little More Southern, Daddy’s Money, Garden Club Secrets, and Pea Patches and Butterbean Fields.

--Vicki Baylis

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