Dragon Slayers

A warrior’s handbook, Dragon Slayers is written for everyday believers looking past the suggested steps and formulas that don’t work for the truth in warfare against the deadly enemy—Satan, the old dragon.

This book is an in-depth teaching on what Satan saw, what he knows, and mind games he uses against us. Knowing your enemy is just the first step in the art of war. Learning the art of war will bring true, lasting victory each believer seeks to possess.

This is a comprehensive guide into the biblical principles and knowledge we are to apply daily to our lives and situations. It gives us an understanding on how trusting and obeying with gathering the spiritual fruit we have plays into strategies in warfare against our enemy.

It takes us into a richer, deeper relationship with Christ and brings the reader into the battle arena and why we must win the victory in all areas of the Christian walk.

Being in the army of Christ is more than warming the church pew and raising a hand in praise now and then. You are called a warrior. You are an overcomer. You are the head and not the tail, above and not beneath. You are to know the enemy, to know the Word of God and apply it daily in your life and in every situation. You are a winner. You have the victory. You are to know that you are of a royal priesthood. You are a dragon slayer.

--Dr. Tania Wiseman