Dream Assassin Angie Granger-Mac Barelli series #2

There’s a sex trafficking ring targeting young teens operating out of the metro area, and its tentacles are nationwide. Gabriel Brown, a.k.a. Angel Man, runs the ring like a businessman using the no mercy tactics of a terrorist. Though the cartel has muscled its way into his operation, he’s sure he can sidestep the wrath of the cartel’s hitman and secretly start his own lucrative side business using select high-end girls, including his long-time captive, Haley, as a lure. But sixteen-year-old Haley is looking for an out, one that doesn’t leave her dead.

Police Sergeant Angie Granger is assigned to help FBI Special Agent John Gallagher take down the ring by going undercover into the dark world of sex trafficking. Angie’s new romantic interest, former Army Ranger turned bounty hunter, Mac Barelli, is not too happy about that. Further complicating the matter, Mac is pulled into the operation when his dead military buddy’s daughter is taken by the ring, and her mother uses her own attraction for Mac and his PTSD guilt over the loss of his friend to influence him into helping her look for her daughter.

Events spiral out of control when the time frame for the FBI’s raid is leaked, and Mac and the found girls are trapped inside the tunnels of an old monastery where the ring has its operation. But the cartel’s hitman is onto them and has murder on his mind.

--Rebecca Lewis