Dreamliner Down: 17 Minutes to Live

A sinister terrorist plot is organized to financially destroy a major airline and cripple the national economy. The plan is to take down a trio of intercontinental passenger jets, which takes a seasoned crew and their passengers to the ragged edge of survival.

Flight One from Seattle to Dubai is the flagship of an American Legacy Airline. They are taking a nonstop route that takes the aircraft and crew over the North Pole on Polar Route One, one of the most remote and hostile places on the face of the earth.

As the airliner approaches the North Pole, a remote- controlled device ignites lithium ion batteries that were loaded into the jet's aft lower cargo compartment by an apprentice of one of the most evil terrorist the world has ever known.

The flight crew has just minutes to make an emergency landing on the polar ice cap before the flight controls burn through and control of the aircraft is lost.

To survive an emergency landing on the ice is only the first challenge. The passengers and crew of Flight One are nearly fifteen hundred miles from civilization, and the outside air temperature is–15°.

Survival at this temperature without proper gear is measured not in hours but in minutes.

An F 22 Raptor Fighter Pilot in Anchorage, Alaska, plans a daring rescue attempt with an airplane designed to take life, not prolong it. Over two hundred lives depend on his innovation and out-of-the-box thinking. If it works, only then will a real rescue operation have any chance of success.

--T.E. Dietz