Driving Institute of America presents The Teen Driver's Bible: The Parents' Guide for Supporting Their Teen's Critical First Phase of Driving


Here's the deal. We have a huge problem and it must be corrected immediately!

From 2000 to 2018, we have had 768,828 people killed in United States in auto accidents (from National Safety Council's Accident Facts)! The past three years (2016""2018), we have had over 40,000 fatalities each year! These are the most in the past nine years, which tells me our training system is not working! This is UNACCEPTABLE! If you drive a vehicle, you need to go through this training! It will be one of the most important books you will ever read!

How many of these people would have said they were good drivers? Yes, almost all of them!

Fact: 25 percent of all fatal auto accidents are DUI accidents. The other 75 percent of the fatal accidents I classify as sober-related accidents! A problem this book will address in simple detail.

Fact: The only way you would attend a driver safety course is by receiving a citation; you attend the class and say, "This was a great refresher. I'm glad I took it." This is not a refresher but a survival course!

The solution to preventing these staggering statistics is retraining the 210 million drivers on the road with a fundamental, focus-concept training with accident situations. This training is intended to make you a proactive driver versus a reactive driver! Being reactive, most of the time, is too late!

I have done much research and developed simple analogies, concepts, and accident-possibility situations that will change your mindset and driving behavior every time you get behind the wheel. Driving Institute of America (DIA) wants to make you a DIA-Certified Teen Driver versus just a teen driver! There is a huge difference!

Your life is worth a whole lot more than the cost of this book!

You will understand that every time you get behind the wheel, YOU ARE ENTERING THE MOST DANGEROUS PLACE IN THE WORLD""THE PUBLIC HIGHWAYS! Never forget this!


"You saved my life three different ways!" ""Dee D., Austin, TX

"I've been a driver for over thirty years and this training taught me some life-saving skills!" ""Matt T., Leander, TX

"I definitely think everyone who drives a vehicle absolutely needs this training!" ""Tom J., Cedar Park, TX

"It definitely made our teen more responsible by completing all the certifications. It was an eye opener!" ""Shorouk N., Austin, TX

"Thank you, this information has helped me so much and it made me more attentive to my own driving habits." ""Deni H., Austin, TX

"Yes, I believe everyone who completes this training will be a much more knowledgeable and safer driver." ""Karen E., Spokane, WA

--Manuel "Manny" Moncivais Jr.

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