Duty, Honor, Dirty Soldier: They Tried to Murder Me

This is the true day to day account of how I have prayed and continuously survived the daily evil acts committed against me by an organized crime car gang run by American’s finest (soldiers). Being a member of the United States Armed Forces is not for everyone. Once you enter the military and take part in its elite training and mission, you gain a since of pride and honor in your duty to serve. _ is book shares how some of my fellow comrades, African American Drug Dealers, and their families have betrayed that sacred trust by trading in their duty and honor for money, and using their military skills to commit crimes against their fellow Americans and me. In pursuing their thirst and greed for money and power, they have continuously violated my civil rights by trying to harm me, follow me 24 hours a day, and burn my body over and over again with some form of chemical agent that I believe they learned to develop while they served in Afghanistan. Follow my journey from beginning to modern times as God allows me to use pray, my military training, and what my mother taught me to survive their daily attacks.

--Willie McIntyre