Duty Honor Freedom

John Wheeler had done more than his fair share time fighting Muslim extremist and terrorist as a member of the Army Rangers. He had not been there when his parents and grandfather died. It had nearly cost him the love of his life, his loving wife. All he wants now is to live a quiet life as a farmer on land that his family has owned since 1800. Fate had other ideas as a land developer sees his land as the best place to build a gated community with a private golf course and lake.

Now, John finds himself in an armed standoff with state police who are using eminent domain to give his family land to the developers. He also finds himself trying to come to grips with a country that seems to be changing faster than he can understand and a conscience that can't live with another good man's death on his soul. The balance—between the duty he feels to his family’s history and country—pulls on his soul and feelings of standing up for what he knows and believes. He is starting to accept the changes that the future will always bring.

--Toby Elkins