Ebenezer: The journey toward joy, hope, comfort, strength, and faith in difficult time

If there is one thing I desire, it is that the Lord may use what I have written to make clear this one truth: No burden is too heavy that God cannot carry. This book unwraps divine secrets of hope, faith, and courage. Presenting us with words of wisdom and biblical power tools for surviving everyday struggles and temptations. This book will restore and strengthen your journey with God, as you build and discover a solid foundation of faith and trust, replacing fear and doubt with peace. As you weather difficult personal storms, this book will guide you on how to receive daily strength and encouragement.Remember that there is no situation or circumstance that is impossible for God; there is no problem he cannot overcome. God has been through what you're facing. And it is through him that true hope, trust, and faith is found that will empower you through your greatest difficulties of life and every longing of your heart.

--Richard Kyambadde

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