Ellowyn Noel O'Wyn: A Mostly Merry Menagerie

Ellowyn Noel O’Wyn has a lot to do because Ellowyn and her family are going to the zoo.

It’s fun to see God’s animals. Some are happy. Some like to play. Some are grumpy. And some like to shy away. Sometimes it’s okay to be grumpy or shy. Ellowyn learns this at the “mostly merry menagerie.”

Join Ellowyn and family as they discover the mostly merry menagerie at the zoo. The zoo reminds her of the little menagerie at her home: Pickles the Cat, Rainbow the Frenchie, and Henry the House Mouse. They join Ellowyn in her daily adventures discovering God’s world.

Parents, your child will learn to rhyme all the time and learn what to say when they pray as they read Ellowyn Noel O’Wyn’s adventures. Don’t miss the first book in this series, Ellowyn Noel O’Wyn Just Strolling Down the Street.

--Sylvia Moore Myers