Elohim Academy: Genesis

Out of your heart flows the issues of life and in your heart lie the deepest wounds that pierce the soul. The scars of death, remorse, murder, and betrayal: these are some of the many afflictions that torment Emanuel, Hajime, Tau, and Ezekiel. These four young boys have lived most of their lives in solitude and self-exile until they were called to be students at the Elohim Academy. Their military captain and teacher, Titus Peterson, understands their pain all too well and attempts to mend their broken hearts and open wounds. As he helps them conquer their personal demons, he quickly finds that this is the least of their problems. A sinister darkness is lurking in the shadows that targets anyone and everything in its path, including the Elohim students. Their past, fears, dreams, and lives will all be challenged as the enemy draws closer. It is such a threat that it catches the attention of the Five Great Military Nations: China, Russia, United States, Japan, and the United Nations of Africa. These five nations cooperate to defend against this foe as they have done many times before. However, this time, the wickedness that roams the darkness will soon cast its shadow over the world and death hides amongst its cloak of secrets...revealing that this is only the Genesis.

--Samuel Watson