Emotionally Intelligent: Life Skills for Every Generation

Emotional Intelligence Life Skills is designed with the educator, counselor, therapist, parent, youth minister, and younger generation in mind. This book begins by introducing the reader to the importance of understanding the brain and the way it affects behavior. It also stresses the importance of teaching young people how the brain can grow and learn through neurons. Additionally, this book explores mindfulness and encourages the adult to teach and practice mindfulness techniques and scripture meditation with the young person(s). This resource is equipped with opening statements that are to be used for the individual or group settings. A list of rules that identify how to work on the coping skills, social skills, and behavior skills daily is provided. There are questions within the activities to engage the individuals as well as follow-up questions to evaluate how well the individual has learned the information. If the individual has not grasped the content adequately, there are enough activities to allow continued expansion on the topic on different days. The discussion engages the young person from the age of five up through the age of twenty-three.Included in this book is an outlined dialogue that can be used to communicate with parents to assist the young person and parent. Many times children are taught skills to assist them in being successful in life, but when they go home, they are exposed to a different standard of being. This can hinder growth. Therefore, this book makes sure that the information being taught to the young person is reinforced by the parent through what their role is in growth and development for each topic. The hope for this workbook is to assist even the least creative educator, therapist, counselor, parent, and youth minister in effectively reaching out and making an impact in the minds and lives of the younger generations.

--Melissa Hall

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