Encourage Yourself, It's Time

When it looks like all the strength that you had has been diminished and no one thinks of you and your needs, God does. This devotion is to remind you that you are “more than a conqueror” because you are the winner of your struggles. You are the “apple of God’s eye,” and He sees the loneliness and pain you feel. Only God can turn over what the enemy thought he took from you. You are strong and full of life and life more abundantly. You are beginning to live your life to the point of joy divine, and nothing can change it. As mothers, we put ourselves last in everything we do, but in this devotion “you can encourage yourself, it’s your time.” Your time to smile again, to laugh until it hurts again, to float freely again. Life will not be heavy now that you can spend time in His word and read what God says about the vessel He made you to become. You can now lift your head up with no pressures because you are the daughter of a King.

--Deatrice F. Bell