Estercita's Journey toward Shalom El viaje de Estercita hacia Shalom

What if ninety-nine sheep were safe in the fold but one lamb had wandered away? In this delightful bilingual children’s book with real Michigan farm photos, Estercita the lamb strays from her flock and suddenly finds herself in danger. Searching for truthful relationships, she is suddenly vulnerable to a wolf who offers her a lie. She must choose whether she will follow the Good Shepherd who knows her name.

Estercita’s Journey toward Shalom (Peace) unfolds in both Spanish and English, offering children a diverse experience with answers to some universal questions:

Is God love? Is He good? Is He present?

The book uses real life photos of lambs, sheep, and alpaca that live at the SHALOM nonprofit ministry in Kalamazoo, Michigan. SHALOM offers caring communities to provide housing, social/educational opportunities for adults with developmental, physical, emotional, and mental disabilities.

All proceeds from this book will go toward Casa Ester Independence Home and Oasis Therapeutic Residential Home of Kids Alive Guatemala, Central America. SHALOM of Kalamazoo, USA, is pleased to partner with this like-minded ministry.

In a safe and supportive environment, young women are enrolled in a discipleship program and in school to learn skills that will benefit them personally and vocationally. For mothers coming with their children, they facilitate education and career support while ensuring the children are enrolled in school. They also support girls who cannot live independently due to learning disabilities.

In 2018 they began the Estercitas Program at Casa Ester for young women with cognitive disabilities focused on women who cannot safely live independently. They offer assistance with life skills and small-scale enterprises, like manufacturing jewelry and clothing, so they can provide a life of dignity at the level of responsibility for each girl. Click here for more information.

--Leah M. Wendt With the SHALOM Woolery of Kalamazoo, Michigan

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