Everything You Need Is in the House

Each year, life has its own share of disappointments, adventures, and happiness, even stories. No man has total control of life. Today, everyone is seeking ways to get free from disappointments or health issues from COVID-19, the Delta variant virus, or any deadly disease. Many people are running from physicians to psychics (palm readers) with the end result being prescribed several unnecessary medications or told something false about their future. Many believe the truth hurts or costs too much, which is not true. Actually, God wants everyone to know the truth and live by the truth to live a rich, productive life that only he can give. I stopped by here to open up the truth to those who have no other alternative in the world but to go forward with a new life. We all go through so many changes in life, some good and some may not necessarily end up good, but when we turn to God, the good will outweigh the bad part of our lives. We all go through struggles or ups and downs in our lives; however, with the help of God, the struggles become easy. Remember to pray first before opening this book because I know from this day forward, your life will never be the same. When reading this book, ask God to make it plain and clear so you can understand everything in the text. God did not just allow you to pick this book up. He has a plan and purpose for you as a new believer. This book will give you detailed information regarding the Word of God. It gives information from the setup of God's house to simply praying to him. The information is so important for this day and time in your life; that is why God leads you to it. God wants to transform your life. Homelessness is just a word, and it has to leave your life and go back to the pit of hell where it derived, so does diabetes, hypertension, cancer, mental illness, and any other disease. This book contains some of God's information in detail, and it describes the things the world offers, which you thought were important, but everything you need is in the house (God's house). Ingredients needed to hold the proper church services are included in this book. There are testimonials included in this book that are given to keep one close to the truth of God. Go ahead get excited because God said your life is going to change and change for your good. People thought you were nothing and a nobody, but God created you for him, and he will make you the person he needs to carry out his will. If you were lost, today you have found a new life, especially once you read this book of wisdom and knowledge. This book contains a wealth of knowledge from worship services in the church to everyday life. Pray and continue to follow God. Read the book from beginning to end to get a full understanding of the message God is giving you so you can stay on track in your life. Everything you want out of life will come to pass should you get to the house of God. There are instructions on how to seek God's face and keep his attention in this book. Satan just lost the battle of control of your life. In the text, you will learn how to keep Satan out of your life and continue to walk upright. Learn where to go to continue this walk with Jesus, the Christ. Once you continue to read this book, you should no longer feel depressed or not loved. God is love, and he loves you. You thought love came only from man, but in the book, you will learn where true love comes from. Everything you need is in the house (the house of God).

--Terri Burroughs-Chestang

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