Expedition Love: A Journey Down the Narrow Road

Have you ever asked yourself, “What’s the purpose of life?” I want you to know there is a purpose to your life, a beautiful God-given purpose. I want you to know that you’re made in the image of the one true God and that you’re meant to shine. Would you like to find out how? Would you like to discover the purpose of your life and learn how it is meant to affect the world around you? If you answered “yes,” then I’d like to invite you to join me on a journey.

It is a journey down a narrow road. On this narrow road we will explore the true message of Jesus, the message of love. We will contemplate how our purpose is connected to His message. We will examine mindsets found within Christianity and hold them up to a mirror of truth. We will forge a path toward thought-life healing. We will conquer barriers that have held us back from our destiny. We will declare victory over those obstacles and embrace true freedom. I pray you will join me on this journey, this pilgrimage toward our God-given purpose, this expedition of love.

--Kimberly Cortes

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