Eye A'lone: Seeing Is Believing

This story started with me clearing my head and trying to get closer to God. Every page I wrote was one step closer. Throughout my writing this, my eyes were opened. It’s the most amazing thing that I’d ever witnessed. Now you all can be witnesses too.

This story is about finding God and understanding life, the world we live in, and all the struggles we endure along the way. I’ve used myself as an example because God literally made an example out of me. This book is an inspiration for how we can get it right. I have to admit I was wrong about a lot of things. But speaking the truth and pouring my heart out in trying desperately to save another from making the same mistakes I did were the best decisions I ever made. Why didn’t anybody ever warn me? And if they did, why didn’t I listen? I lived all my life so far, ignoring everyone’s advice and guidance, until he advised me on his guidance. And just like that, everything changed! Everything made sense. Finally, I understood what one’s purpose of existence is. I can assure you, it wasn’t what I was using my life for at the time. I grew up in all the wrong ways, yet somehow I was still able to grow.

This story will make you think, and at the same time, it will blow your mind! This is one of the hardest things I ever had to do in my life. This book is very real. Nothing is fake about it. Maybe this book won’t save your life. Maybe it was just supposed to save mine. Maybe this is just supposed to lead you in the right direction to the greatest story of all time. What, did you expect me to be able to compete with a story like that? Well, I tried.

By the time you have finished this, keep in mind that only God can judge me. At the very least, you can’t sit there and still tell me you deny his presence.

--Justin Rusk

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