Face to Face

Face to Face, the stories are all true life stories that occurred in the author’s, Lorita Carol Lee, and her family’s life. All of the stories are written from actual events. The author, Lorita Carol Lee, would like to inspire all audiences, in every walk of life, proving that we can make it in the most devastating situations. She feels it is not about what happened in life but how we handle the circumstances that challenge our lives face-to-face. God has dealt with the author, Lorita Carol Lee, in a very mysterious and special way. Many did not and do not believe her experiences with God, but the author would like to inspire each individual to believe in the promises that God has given to them, even when you have to stand alone from family and friends. It has been over twenty-seven years since God started speaking to Lorita, but all of his promises to her have been fulfilled. Ultimate faith in God.

--Lorita Carol Lee

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