Faith or Frustration: A Simple Man's Commentary on John: Part 2: Meet Messiah: Chapters 5-12 Meet Messiah #2

We begin the second part of this four-part series on the Gospel of John called Meet Messiah. In Part 1, "Behold the Man," we saw the introduction of the Messiah to both the human family and the nation of Israel. In Part 2, "Faith or Frustration," we will join His disciples as they walk in the footstep of the Master from chapter 5 through chapter 12.

Here, opposition to Jesus and His ministry begins in earnest. Up through chapter 4 of John's gospel, the leadership of Israel was curious about whom this new rabbi really was. The ministry of John the Baptist had captured the attention of the nation with his proclamation that the kingdom of God was at hand and that folks needed to repent of their sins in preparation of the coming Messiah.

At first, the Jews just dismissed Jesus as another new rabbi on the block. But His popularity had grown rapidly, outstripping even that of the Baptizer. The signs that He was doing had caught the attention of the masses as well as the Jews. When He cleansed the temple and chased out all the vendors, which was a primary source of income for the priests, He became a regular topic of conversation in the Great Sanhedrin.

We will begin to see that the curiosity of the Jews turned to frustration, their frustrations turned to anger, and their anger turned to hatred, until finally a plot was devised to have Him killed. That was the only way they would ever stop Him and save their positions of power and control over the people.

Strap in for the ride. It's going to get really, really bumpy. Who ever said being a Christian and being bold in your faith would ever be easy? The truth is it could get you killed, and history has demonstrated that many have died for their faith. Let's follow along with the One they have all been willing to die for.

--Paul Murray