False Doctrine Revealed and Corrected

This book False Doctrine Revealed and Corrected was written as a result of many various beliefs and traditions taught and practiced. It was when Mr. Hill began a conscious effort to study the Bible that he noticed and realized there were certain discrepancies in what was taught from his youth and what the Bible was saying. He had to ask the question, What am I to believe--what I was taught from my youth or what the Bible teaches me itself? The decision to choose the Bible was easy. It's through many years of biblical research and study of how the Bible interprets itself that all the pieces fit like pieces to a puzzle. It was through this process that he realized that some of the traditions and beliefs that many practice are not biblically sound and some that are practiced are not biblical at all. It was by revealing these untruths that inspired this book False Doctrine Revealed and Corrected to be written. You are highly encouraged to research the Bible for yourself of what's written in this book. The Bible confirms itself. However, it's important that you don't read into it with preconceived beliefs but to be open-minded and let it read what it says to you. If nothing else, and more importantly, you will increase in your learning and understanding of the Bible. All praise and glory to God.

--Larry D. Hill

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