Family Matters: Continually Strengthening Families through God�s Word

Do you remember the television show Family Matters? I've often wondered what the title actually meant. Did it mean that the family was important, or did it mean that they were going to address issues of the family? In reality, both of those answers are true, and that is exactly what this book addresses. The goal of this book to strengthen our families by helping us realize how important we are to God and learning how to incorporate Him into our daily life issues. You are going to see that many Christian families have unintentionally lost their biblical grip on the home; however, this book will give easy strategies to get it back.

God simply wants us to worship Him every day and teach our kids to worship Him every day. One of the first things you will learn is to destroy the mythical definition of the word worship. Society has made us believe that we can't worship God without professional church help; therefore, we cannot effectively worship in our homes. Most people associate worship with an organized activity that usually takes place inside a church building.

Worship takes place anytime one's attention is focused on God. This includes prayer, reading Scripture, listening to preaching, and simply talking about God with others. The thought of family worship as an organized nightly event that includes all elements of a church service has to be eliminated. Families who do this are to be commended; on the other hand, most families are intimidated by this and therefore decide to do nothing at all.

This book will teach you how to routinely engage your family with God and strengthen your relationships with Him and each other. God will help you deal with family matters because family matters to Him.

--Shane Burnett