Famous People You Might Meet in Eternity

When former sportscaster Tony Powers went into surgery for a minor knee repair, he had no idea he would make a side trip to eternity. Once the pretty nurse placed the anesthesia mask over his face and told him to take a few deep breaths, Tony was blasted into the heavens like an astronaut aboard a rocket at Cape Canaveral.

He couldn’t believe how beautiful it was. He saw a cacophony of rainbow colors and a brilliant dazzling white cloud in the distance. He noticed millions of people of all ages, colors, and creeds as they walked toward the cloud on their way to judgment day. It wasn’t long before Tony recognized famous actors, actresses, world leaders, historical figures, coaches, and athletes on their way to judgment.

Was all this just an anesthesia-induced dream or a figment of his imagination? Had he been carried into the heavens suspended between life and death? Had Tony been thrust into the third dimension known as the Twilight Zone? Had Tony Powers crossed into eternity?

--Tony A. Powers

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