Fear Not, For He Is with Us!

This is a very powerful book. Your whole outlook on life can be changed. You will love reading testimonies that the Lord has performed and also the powerful words of healing will become reality to you as you read it. Regardless of what your past or future holds, it is a healing and spiritual adventure. There will be emotional moments as you walk through this book.I am sharing my testimonies of my life before and after cancer. Each day I get to write a new page, I write prayers straight from my heart. My life is a story of blessings the Lord has given me. Christ has made a difference in my life, and for what He has done for me, I want to witness for Him.When I was diagnosed with cancer, the doctors did not give me hope. It is natural for you to find yourself looking for all sources of hope. You want signs from the Lord. You always pray and ask for healing, but as a human being, you still have fear of the unknown. You always want it in your timing, but you have to wait for the Lord’s timing. Just know that you have to keep your faith and go to the Lord with everything. Let go and let God.Reading this book will give you peace of mind, knowing that the Lord is in control, and He is your ultimate source of hope. I really feel like this book will encourage and empower you to take charge of your life while you are going through life’s challenges. Whether you are fighting a battle or not, this book will give you faith, hope, and courage. It can help you and your children grow spiritually and become more secure as a family.Help me to spread the good news. Tell your friends about this book so they will be blessed by reading it. It is a blessing to me to have written this, and I know it will be a blessing to you to read this.Please contact the author at bporter@charlottemkt.com

--Brenda Carlisle Porter