Fight Like a Girl: My Battle With ALS

Fight Like a Girl: My Battle with ALS is a very moving collection of stories written during the author's trials and battles to find out what exactly was going on with her body. Things were changing, and no one could quite figure out why. During this frightening time in her life, one thing did change for the better""her relationship with God. It has become so much stronger.

As a form of support for herself, she started a closed Facebook group of close friends and family. Lesley knew right away that she needed an army""a group of prayer warriors by her side. She began writing down her daily experiences during this time. Lesley, a healthy fifty-six-year-old woman, was now losing her strength and balance. She shares her good days and bad; her triumphs and losses. But to her surprise, her faith and strength have blessed those who read her stories. Friends would tell her that they looked forward to reading her frequent posts. Some are funny and silly, and others are very serious and downright frightening.

But her faith is stronger than ever. God is working through her, reaching others with her writing. Lesley takes her daily experiences and turns them into glimpses of God. Simple things like a song on the radio, helping someone out that looks lost, and even going to a football game are all opportunities to hear God speak. We just need to listen. So join her on this life-changing journey. You will be moved and inspired.

--Lesley Krummel