Finding Your Own Goliath: A Series of Sermons on Psychology in the Bible

The Bible mentions giants, most notably the giant Goliath. Giants put fear in the hearts and minds of most of the Hebrew populace. Goliath kept Saul's army frozen in fear; they were unable to fulfill their purpose as soldiers. Goliath never did anything, and yet he was an effective deterrent.

The story of David versus Goliath was battle of flesh and blood. There is a deeper meaning to Goliath and the giants in the promised land, and it has to do with fears, insecurities, and anxieties that lie deep within each one of us. In fact, those fears are so deep within us that David describes them as "secret faults" that are in the "hidden part." These fears exist and greatly affect each person, but they are so well guarded that one is not even aware of their existence. These are the giants that keep one from having the faith to go down into the valley and fight the battles of life. Even the apostle Paul acknowledged the profound influence of these giants and could only proclaim, "Oh, wretched man that I am."

The truth that will set one free is when one comes to the realization that they need Christ to help foster an awareness of the existence of those inner fears. David noted that God desires that one will find "truth in the inward parts." The battles in life are not carnal, "for we do not wrestle against flesh and blood" but against the giants in the depths of one's own spirit. Human nature urges people to concentrate on external phenomena when the real giants that impede prosperity, potentiality, peace, faith, and love are internal phenomena. Each one only needs to find their own personal Goliaths that lie within.

--Byron Wardlaw