Five Horsemen of Death

My early life began in Tucson, Arizona, in the 1960s. At an early age, my family moved to Evergreen, Colorado, and was basically raised there. After high school, I joined the army for seven years, received the army Achievement Medal, and was honorably discharged.I attended college in Tucson, Arizona, and graduated with my degree in the field of science. Throughout my life, I have had an interest in science and the homeopathic regimen and have followed a lifestyle that relates to always trying to take care of my body and stay current with the latest wellness and scientific achievements.This book will reflect on that lifestyle and why I feel that it is my place, at this time, to relate the information that I have accumulated over the years and write a book to bring this lifestyle information to the public in hopes of helping others lead a healthier life and longevity.The more health awareness the public can access, the easier it will be for them to improve their lifestyle and, ultimately, their overall health level. I hope I have brought at least a small degree of that awareness with this book.

--Leo Mackrow

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