Five People You Need In Your Life: A Small Group Bible Study Guide to Establishing Healthy Christian Relationships

Establishing Christian relationships within a congregation is important. As a pastor for seventeen years, I have had the experience of observing people, their trends, behaviors, and relationships. I’ve learned that in many instances, people respond to God and life based on the relationships they have established. It’s simple. The people you surround yourself with will impact you in one way or another. Who you are and where you are right now has been influenced by who you choose to be in relationships with. Our relationships can have good or bad consequences concerning our relationship with God. Let’s be clear. You cannot choose your family, but you can choose your friends.

Establishing stronger Christian relationships within a congregation is vital to the overall health and mission of a church and to the individual spiritual maturation of its congregants. Relationships are critical, and this book is critical for the church right now. In these perilous times, it becomes incumbent upon the church to take the responsibility of building stronger Christian lives with a biblical worldview of God and relationships to counter the culture of new age religion and relationships.

Five People You Need in Your Life is a small group study guide that will present five biblical models of relationships that are critical. This book encourages the congregation individually and corporately in 5 areas:

Mediocrity in Ministry—Challenge

Caring for the Comfortless—Comfort

Cheering on the Saints—Celebration

Boundaries for Bad Behavior—Correction

Connection to the Kingdom Agenda—Covenant

Five People You Need in Your Life is a great tool for small group Bible study. Each lesson will pinpoint areas where God strategically places people in our lives to make the journey of life more productive for the Kingdom.

--Dr. Oscar T. Moses

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