"Whoooaaa!" Fling yelled as he was flung out the door.

He couldn't believe it. In his mind, he had done nothing""absolutely nothing""to be treated in such a manner. Nevertheless, he found himself on the outside of the door with no way of getting back inside. Fling thought to himself, Hmmmm. I landed on my feet when I was flung out the door. I'm a hardy cat. I just need to make the best of this terrible situation. Fling began walking away from what was once his home.

Like Fling, we have all faced challenges in our lives. Sometimes doing the right thing can result in an undesirable consequence. In this delightful and thought-provoking book, life lessons that encompass thankfulness, forgiveness, friendship, loyalty, kindness, and more are alluded to as Fling faces one misfortune after another. Loaded with twists and turns, the readers will be enthralled as they become familiar with the resilient cat called Fling and perhaps find themselves contemplating their own response to difficulties.

--Renn Anderson