Follow His Way

Zeb Walee is a young man starting a family and wanting to save all the souls he can by bringing the Word of God to them, but by doing so, he may be driving people away. At work, he is almost tragically killed in a freak accident, but he is saved by a guardian angel of sorts, Standish. This guardian angel comes into Zeb's life many times, trying to guide him and trying to let him figure things out on his own at the same time. Standish wants Zeb to know that life is hard and that no man is perfect except the Man that died on the cross. He tries to point out some of the tragedies of mankind through his own experiences, the mistakes that Zeb is making in his life, and how things can be changed. In a roundabout way, he spells things out but never clearly gives all the answers, and this frustrates Zeb. Standish visits many souls throughout this book, trying to get them to follow His way, the way of God.

--Scott Highfield

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