For You, Mom, and You Too, Dad

Children will read themselves into a wealth of words in a short period of time

with the assistance of For You, Mom, and You Too, Dad. (And, of course, the live

Mom and Dad). For You, Mom, and You Too, Dad will change the direction children

approach their structure of reading because they will begin learning at the

infant stage (of life). Succeeding is (easy), however, very hard today than ever

because of all the complexity and distraction (phones and games) of the world.

Children need the right habits as the foundation for learning. In For You, Mom,

and You Too, Dad," children will find the inspiring recipe for success (with words

as infants) for becoming great readers and possible (capable of favorable

development) great writers!

Children (babies) should get hooked on reading-something that is a fundamental

foundation for babies. When you, Mom, and you, too, Dad open this treasure of

learning, you will discover it's not (just) for bedtime reading, it's for all times

because humans (especially babies) should be learning (reading) from the cradle

to the grave. Learning (reading) should be a lifelong adventure. Children should

learn a word every day. This is a great start for parents who desire to begin

home schooling their children.

So open up the book and let's begin our adventure so the words in For You, Mom,

and You Too, Dad can make an impact on that young mind (sponge to take in,

retain, absorbable; admitting the passage of a message). Mothers and fathers,

you'll be glad you did.

Thank you, Mom and Dad

C U on D inside

--Malik Muhammad