For You, My Child

Do you ever read God's Word, the Bible, and just think about it as a historical book, or in general terms? This book will show you what the Lord meant it to be as He talks to those willing to listen and take the time to see how it applies to their new life, or this new life that God offers to all. This book focuses on, in different ways, what the Lord says to all believers as a group and to an individual follower. Like the good Lord did with this author, He wants to do it for all readers too. The Lord will make clear what He is telling His followers to do. He told the author what to write, and what words to use to get the seriousness of His Word across and what He is telling His followers to do! God loves His children, and all sinners of this world, this book will open a reader's eyes to what God wants to tell them about their call in these last days.

--Ouisie Bulkeley