Foundation Principles

When growing up, my mother would often take tools away from me in an attempt to discourage me from making any simple repairs around the house. "Leave it to your father or brothers," she would say, "Men are better at these things than women." There are many things our parents taught us that were truths to them. It's what they had been taught, and they were faithful to pass them on to us. Most of what they taught has caused us to grow up healthy, wise and productive citizens. But in the case above, what was truth for them was not necessarily a truth for me. I grew up as a woman, a better repairman than either of my brothers or my father. So many things we have been taught as truth and tradition, yet proved to be untrue or not useful when we left home on our own?

How many things do we believe about God that are just as erroneous? How many things is God blamed for, accused of, and generally misunderstood about because of what those who mentored us believed?

This workbook brings together the foundational scriptures of the Christian faith and encourages the student to examine for themselves their meaning. With emphasis on the responsibility of the Christian believer walking in the footsteps of Christ, it serves to give insight to the heart of God and His never failing love toward us. Mark 4:11, Unto you it is given to know the mystery of the Kingdom of God....

--Dr. Liz Sharp