From an Armed Robber to a Pastor

From an Armed Robber to a Pastor, the book seeks to highlight the eventualities of a living and personal life-changing testimony of Reverend Gilbert Mutale Mwamba, who became a very dangerous and notorious criminal at the tender age of sixteen while attending his junior secondary school. The book tells a true story of the power of God to transform the life of a hard-core criminal into a God-fearing person as a way of winning souls into the kingdom of God. The book takes the reader into a spellbinding story before the power of the Holy Ghost manifests himself to change the tide into God's divine purpose to showcase his miraculous ways of salvation, healing, and deliverance.

This book is written by Gilbert Mutale Mwamba, and the text is typed by Mrs. MR Miyoba.

--Reverend Gilbert Mutale Mwamba