From Chains To Freedom

This book is a testimony of what GOD can do with one's life. I'm so glad for the experience of the power of a new life made complete by being healed and delivered from my past pain.

So this is for all the wounded. I need to say to you that you can come through no matter how long it takes; just don't give up. The chains can be broken, and the journey of this book came from a place of shame and pain and disappointments; living with being sexually abused of any kind is a dark, dark place. And the fear of others not believing you is overwhelming. The fear of the abuser's word being believed over the word of the abused is indescribable especially when you are a child and having to go to foster home after foster home became a dread; one never knew how long you would be there or if you would be accepted or how you would be treated. I thank GOD for all the angels-I like to call them-that He placed in my path along my journey. What a journey this has been and still is. Be blessed on your journey.

--Pamela Jones