From Death to Life: The Life Seeker

From Death to Life

"Prepared for the rest is

Honeymilk, milky honey."

The life seeks the heart and the heart seeks the life. They meet at the point of death and ascend from death to life. There is always a sense of wanting to know the hidden things. What lies in the secret place are the keys to life. Why does life begins at death?

From Death to Life is becoming a life seeker. One important key to life is truth. However, truth can be a whisper in the midst of our own thoughts, hearts, emotions, and desires. So in order to hear truth, we must be still and be silent. Why is truth so hard to hear?

These poems are from an experienced life seeker. Seeking life is not an easy road, but the destination is glorious. Anyone can choose to live this life. These creative poems are from the lens of a life seeker.

--April McCamery

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