From One Side of the River to the Other

This is a true story of what Ben Kranz went through in one year-from a church that was on fire to chasing God and a job that he loved to the point of financial freedom. Everything was going well for Ben. Then he lost his church of fifteen years-his only church from the time that he got saved-to a church split. His finances collapsed to the point of bankruptcy, and he strongly considered quitting his job.

In this book, Ben can and will relate to everyone that has been through the battle and survived and those who are about to step into battle or are in the fight of your life right now. By the time that you read this book, you will be radically changed in your thinking, and you will know that you're not alone. Ben takes you through his journey that will give you the confidence in God that He is always by your side and in yourself that you can make it.

--Ben Kranz