From Poughkeepsie to Paris: A Ghetto Girl's Journey to Becoming a Fabulous Woman

From Poughkeepsie to Paris will:

- catapult you into living an insanely fabulous life.

- empower you to heal from past trauma and negative childhood experiences.

- cause you to feel good about yourself and increase hope for your future.

- inspire you to have happy, healthy, and whole relationships

- give you the motivation you need to run your race and not give up on yourself.

In this motivational memoir, Quan Lanae Green takes you on her journey from ghetto to fabulous and inspires you to shake off every negative experience that happened in your past in order to step boldly and confidently into your future. Every chapter is filled with lessons you can implement immediately in order to go up higher, take the limits off your life, and accomplish your God-given dreams.

--Quan Lanae Green