Gateway To More Of Him

Gateway to More of Him was written for the hungry heart and for those who want God's word to come alive and are crying out for a deeper walk with him. Centered around his word, these poems tell a story of our need for more of him. Always challenging our hearts not to be lukewarm and our hands to keep them tight on the plow, not looking back. Realizing God's plan for every believer is to be conformed to the image of his Son. As we are being changed from glory to glory, the power of the Holy Spirit is giving us victory in our mind to bring every thought into obedience and submission to Christ. These poems will step on toes and cause the reader to ask him or herself if the faith that they have is not changing them, how do I know it can save me? It will also encourage the reader to know that there is so much more to God, and the more we seek him, the more we will find him. Lots of surprises in this book as God is aiming at our hearts with the power of his word to not look back or become lukewarm. It reminds us that if our faith and walk with him is not growing, how come? He has given us all power to live a life that should cause our hearts every day to be hungering and thirsting for more of him. It will also remind you that our God is not boring but exciting! He is not quiet in our lives but alive and real every day. He does not want to shut us out but show us things in our hearts that can make us more like him. It will make you also ask the question, "Has my walk with God become a religion, or has it become a relationship that is growing and exciting and causing my heart to long for more of him?"

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--Timothy Wright